My Lash Studio specializes in Eyelash Extensions being an award winner salon (2nd place in Australian and New Zealand Eyelash Championships 2017) we pride ourselves in the highest quality product and services available.

Your lashes are guaranteed, if you are unhappy with your lashes in the first 48 hours we will fix them for you at our expenses. Absolutely no risk!

Every set of lashes are applied with a full consultation before hand to match the lashes to your eye shape, face shape, bone structure, natural lashes and your personal desires.  


Lash Styles

Classic Half Set
Classic Full Set

Classic Refill 45 mins

Classic Refill 1hr

Classic Refill 1hr 15mins

Hybrid Full Set

Hybrid Refill 1hr
Hybrid Refill 1hr 30mins

Russian Volume Full Set 2/4D

Russian Volume Full Set Mega Volume

Volume Refill 1hr

Volume Refill 1hr 15mins

Volume Refill 1hr 30mins













Lash Styles

Classic Extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions is a technique that uses individual lash extensions that attach to individual natural lashes. They grow out naturally with your natural eyelash growth cycle, causing NO damage to your natural lashes.

This look is perfect for people who want darker, longer lashes that still look natural (just like your wearing an amazing mascara) without the dramatics. Great for everyday wear.

Hybrid Extensions

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions are a medium fullness being a mixture of classic and volume lashes to create a fuller, but still natural look. If Russian volume is too much for you but Classic isn't quite enough Hybrid is perfect for you.


Russian Volume Extensions

Russian Volume is a very delicate technique that takes a lot of education and practice! This is the real deal... This beautiful, full, fluffy look is created using a number of very fine individual lashes. The fan is anywhere from 2-6 lash extensions per fan. This fan is then attached to an individual natural lash which creates that volume.

Fans can either have little space between each extension to create a dense lash line or wide spread fans create a fluffy lightweight lash line (all explained and customized before your appointment).



Your new lashes are waiting.


Pre-Care for Eyelash Extensions

As this procedure takes a reasonable amount of time to perform please follow the below advice on pre care.

  • Please remove all makeup with an oil free makeup remover prior to your appointment. Eye makeup can interfere with the adhesive bond affecting the life span of your lashes. So it is very important you get your natural eyelashes as clean as possible.
  • If you wear contact lenses please remove them.
  • wear comfortable clothing, a blanket will be provided should you get cold.
  • To make you as comfortable as possible and to avoid delays, please use the bathroom before arrival.

Post Care for Eyelash Extensions

  • Avoid Water - To allow adequate time to bond please avoid getting your lashes wet, showering or going for a swim for at least 12 hours after application.
  • Curling - Lashes come in a wide variety of curls, although please avoid any type of mechanical curler on your lashes
  • Oil - Do not use oil based cosmetics around the eye area as oil based products will dissolve the glue. This includes your makeup remover, mascara and eyeliner.
  • Heat - although some days avoiding heat is inevitable, where possible avoid using saunas, spas and steam rooms. 
  • Don't Touch - It's tempting to check your lashes or play with them. The more you mess with them the quicker they'll fall out. Instead only touch them when absolutely necessary.
  • Refills - Touch ups are part of the maintenance of long lasting eyelash extensions. It's a quick visit that is needed every 3-4 weeks, but it keeps your lashes looking amazing.
  • Eyelash Sealant - Applying a light eyelash sealant every day or every other day helps strengthen the bond the bond between your extensions and natural lashes. Plus it's also great for straightening pesky tangles. When used regularly, you won't need to get refills quite as often.