Hydrodermabrasion Facial


Curious about hydro-microdermabrasion? It’s a system that combines diamond tip exfoliation, liquid exfoliation, skin cooling and skin hydration for an immediately visible improvement to your skin with NO DOWNTIME! The Bio-Hydroderm Trinity™ hand piece buffs away dead skin cells using a diamond exfoliation disk chosen to match your skin type. The Bio-Hydroderm™ Trinity simultaneously cools and infuses your skin with advanced AQUAFUSE™ solutions matched to your skin’s needs, resolving your skin issues from your very first treatment.

Our hydro-microdermabrasion treatments will work to:

·         Instantly revitalise and nourish tired, dehydrated and sunken skin

·         Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and plump up complexion

·         Treat and reduce congestion and acne plus improve acne scarring

·         Minimise the appearance of large pores and refine thickened skin

·         Improve the appearance of pigmentation and sun damaged skin

·         Thoroughly exfoliate dead skin cells and promote new collagen and elastin production


How does Bio-Hydroderm™ work?

The advanced Bio- Hydroderm™ technology is redefining and creating a new standard in the wet/dry microdermbrasion services. This unique technology, combined with a superior designed diamond tip hand piece, allows the skin therapist to create a service for every client.

A variety of abrasion treatment tips tailored and Aqua Fuse infusion products also allow the skin therapist to quickly perform multiple treatment passes, creating a uniquely formulated service to deliver extremely satisfying results


How long does the treatment take?

The Bio- Hydroderm™ microdermabrasion system utilises controlled pressure and vacuum monitors to allow consistent and smooth application. Treatments are more pleasant and faster than traditional microdermabrasion systems. Depending on the required service; an average treatment should take between 20-30 minutes to complete.


How many treatments are required before I can see results?

You will see and feel the change after a single treatment. Microdermabrasion can be delivered as frequently as weekly or up to every eight weeks depending on your skin tolerance and desired cosmetic outcomes. A course of 6 treatments is usually recommended and then a maintenance program to maintain results. Consult your therapist for further guidance.


How safe is the treatment?

The Bio- Hydroderm™ system handpieces typically incorporate a clear plastic rounded tip that gently glides over the surface of the skin effortlessly and without trauma. The treatment is safe with no known or reported side effects.


Intensive Treatment                    $129

- Acne Therapy

- Brightening

- Hydrating

- Anti Ageing

Treatment includes full cleansing routine, peel, serum accelerate concentrate, hydrodermabrasion, creme and masque.


Express Infusion                          $89

- Acne Therapy

- Brightening

- Hydrating

- Anti Ageing

Express Infusion includes full cleansing routine, peel, hydrodermabrasion and creme.